Sri Chakra Brindavana Lakshmi

Started offering poojas for Charamoorthi from 6th August 1998, Sri Chakra Mahalakshmi sthiramoorthi’s prathistapana mahothsava was auspiciously done from 8th to 15th March 2001, with poojas and homas preceded by Sri Rangabatt. Uniqueness of our Sri Chakra Varamahalakshmi Temple – Goddess is placed on Brindavana, Temple doesn’t have Raja Gopura, Shikara, Garuda Sthambha / Dwaja Sthambha. Which is first of its kind on earth [Never In Past].

Pilgrims are coming across the world by their own will to get blessing from goddess [ Deiva Prerane]. With the Divine Intervention of Sri Mahalakshmi, Charamoorthi of Sri Varamahalakshmi was bought from Bengaluru to Goravannahalli and then to Sathyamangala. The uniqueness of Charamoorthi and Sthiramoorthi of Sri Varamahalakshmi is the Shanka is on right and Chakra is on left of Sri Varamahalakshmi along with Gadha.

The construction of brindavana for Sthiramoorthi was presided by Sri. Smt. Sharada Sudarshan. Goddess is still 17 years young. Pilgrims are getting blessings from Goddess their wishes are being fulfilled. There are many untold miracles happened and still happening for the well being of devotees.

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